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ComEd, the largest power provider in Illinois, wants to give its customers a hand in switching over to smart thermostats like those from Nest and Ecobee. The idea is to get a million of them installed within the next five years, according to The Washington Post. The utilities company is offering $120 rebates to its customers who buy the gizmos and the Environmental Protection Agency tells WaPo that it's the "largest effort of its kind" in the country. ComEd likens the push to switch to the connected thermostats to the not-that-long-ago transition to compact fluorescent bulbs in terms of energy savings. Should the program be a success, it could drop total carbon dioxide emissions in the state by 709,000 metric tons and save folks up to $131 per year on their gas and electricity bills.

DoubleTwist's CloudPlayer can already pull and stream media from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive accounts, but now it works on AllPlay speakers, Android smartwatches and Auto. Yep, you'll be able to stream your tunes in your car, on your wrist and in your home or office... depending on where you store your non-smartphone Android hardware. With AllPlay support it also means you can now use CloudPlayer on Chromecast Audio, Apple TV or an AllPlay speaker. These are all great reasons to give doubleTwist's media player a shot -- unless you're already busy with one of the (many) other options available.

Mobile Phone Stores And Users Ahead Of The Telecom Spectrum Auction

It's kind of bonkers that Apple doesn't already have a retail presence in India, a country with some 1.25 billion people, but that's the world we live in. For a little bit longer anyway. Cupertino's working to address this by partnering with Tata (yes, them) to put Apple shops inside several Croma stores in the region, according to The Times of India. The current plan is to open by next month's Diwali festival of lights. The Times also reports that because Apple hasn't set up shop on its own because it's been unable meet a mandatory ruling regarding "local-sourcing norms" for a foreign investment in retail.

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As it turns out, the PowerShot G5 X we got a glimpse of earlier today is indeed real. But there's more where that came from: Canon has also announced the G9 X, another new member of its high-end point-and-shoot series. Similar to the existing G3 X, these cameras feature a 1-inch, 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, Digic 6 image processor and ISO up to 25,600 (extended). What makes these two PowerShots different from one another is mostly on the outside. The G5X, for example, has a built-in (2.36-million-dot) electronic viewfinder and a tilting 3-inch LCD on the back, whereas its sibling comes with a fixed screen and lacks an EVF. As a result, the G9 X shines in the weight department, coming in at a mere 209 grams (roughly 0.5 lbs), compared to the 370 grams on the G5 X.

Now that Canon has (finally) figured out how to make a decent mirrorless camera, the manufacturer is adding another model to its lineup. Meet the EOS M10, a compact shooter designed for the entry-level market. In terms of specs, it is slightly similar to the M2 from 2013, which Canon introduced in Japan but never brought over to the US. While the M10 features the same 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor as said relative, it does come with an improved Digic 6 image processor -- the one also found on the higher-end EOS M3, Canon's best mirrorless to date.

Dropbox got cozy with Microsoft Office back in the spring, offering a way to easily edit files stored in its cloud-based repository. Now, Dropbox is getting friendly with Adobe Document Cloud, too. More specifically, the company is playing nice with Adobe Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader to serve up quick and easy access to edit PDF documents. Once you connect your Dropbox account with the Adobe apps, you'll be able to pull in files without leaving the app. What's more, when you're browsing files in Dropbox, you'll have the option to open a PDF in the appropriate Adobe app to edit, e-sign, comment and markup the file as needed. And as you might expect, no matter how you open the document or which device you're using, everything automatically syncs in Dropbox across desktop and mobile. PDFs are by far the most common file format stored with the could-driven storage service,and now its improving the workflow for power users. The new functionality goes live on the desktop today with iOS integration arriving "in the coming months." Android users can expect to employ the PDF-editing workflow next year.

Anna Nicole Hefner

Tonight in a New York Times article, Playboy Magazine announced the biggest change in its 62-year history: starting next march it will no longer include pictures of women fully nude. dropped nudes in August of 2014, and the company released a new SFW app earlier this year. According to CEO Scott Flanders the problem is online porn, "You're now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it's just passé at this juncture." Despite what you may think, after changing things on the website Playboy says its traffic jumped from four million to 16 million users each month. Readers -- who now definitely will be picking it up "just for the articles" -- will still see a Playmate of the month, but should expect something closer to a racy Instagram feed. The new Playboy will be unveiled next March, although if you find yourself missing anything we're pretty sure the entire internet will be able to fill in.

Facebook is testing two new shopping features that could ruin the recovery of impulse buyers trying to kick the habit. While they are two distinct additions, both enable you to make purchases from within the mobile apps. The first experimental feature is called Canvas, and it turns the typical scrolling FB ads you see into immersive ones. When you click on an advertisement that has the capability, it loads a full-screen page where you can choose the item variant/color and buy it on the spot -- no need to launch the seller's website.

Republican Candidates Attend Heritage Action Candidate Forum

Senator Rand Paul's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination isn't going well -- he's as far down as eighth place, depending on whose polls you trust. And he's hoping that showing some internet savviness will help him get out of that rut. The politician has announced plans to livestream an entire day from his campaign (October 13th) on both Facebook and UStream. He'll take questions whenever he can, and hopes to finish after the Democratic debate wraps up in the evening.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 developer Treyarch is embracing the Netflix way of doing business. When the game launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 6th, its entire campaign will be available to play, director Jason Blundell tells Eurogamer. You'll be able to play the final chapter first and work backward, or pretend you're a time-traveler with a broken teleporter and play every section out of order. Or you can play it the retro way: Chronologically, unlocking new weapons and plot points as you go.

SWEDEN-MUSIC-COMPANY-SPOTIFYSpotify released version 4.1 for both iOS and Android on Monday, a software update that finally enables support for the newly released Chromecast. Spotify users will finally be able to wirelessly stream their songs through their existing televisions and speaker setups. Additionally, the Android update also adds the ability to connect with the 2016 BMW 7 Series, enabling drivers to play Spotify directly through their in-dash entertainment systems. Android support for the rest of the BMW/Mini lineup as well as older Chromecasts for both operating systems are "rolling out" soon, according to the company's product pages.

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When it was announced that Key & Peele were going to wrap up production this year on their self-titled sketch show, comedy fans all around the world were pretty bummed about it. But now Deadline has reported that the two comedy stars will write and produce a new comedy starring Vine's Andrew "KingBach" Bachelor. The man who has mastered the social media platform and perfected the six-second loop is no stranger to comedy shows, having already starred in recurring roles in The Mindy Project, House Of Lies and Black Jesus. With the help of Key & Peele writer Alex Rubens, the new show will be loosely based around one of Bachelor's online personas and follow an undercover cop who goes back to his hometown in order to take out the bad guys who bullied him while growing up.

DraftKings Inc. And FanDuel Inc. Applications As Ad Spending Increases

Those suspicions that DraftKings and FanDuel employees are profiting from being a little too cozy? Yeah, they've just gained some serious credibility. On top of a recent lawsuit accusing the two websites of using insider information to commit fraud, the New York Times has learned that staff at these sites have frequently been raking in huge amounts of cash by playing on each other's sites. Both DraftKings and FanDuel workers have "regularly" ranked as big winners, possibly by using that insider info to gain an unfair advantage. DraftKings co-founder Paul Liberman even noted that some of his team members have made "significantly more money" from competing at FanDuel than they have working their jobs. Taking that option away might discourage people from staying with the company, he claimed.

Microsoft has bundled the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build with a number of major (but still experimental) features, including Skype integration. If you're an Insider on the "fast" ring, you'll notice that the messenger's capabilities are now integrated with the native Messaging, Phone and Skype video apps for the platform. You'll also be able to reply to message notifications right from the action center. More importantly, if you're having trouble activating the free Windows 10 upgrade, this build fixes that up. Simply install this particular Preview release and use a Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 product key.

Legendary game developer Blizzard hasn't released an entirely new game (not counting spin-offs of existing franchises; lookin' at you Hearthstone and World of Warcraft) in over 17 years, which is why Overwatch is so intriguing. We haven't heard much about it either, but that should change this week during a Twitch stream with a pair of prominent broadcasters (Ellohime and HayliNic) playing the game for some 90 minutes along with live developer commentary. Blizzard says that the broadcast should give a better idea of what the upcoming beta will contain, actually. The multiplayer shooters' streams will live on each broadcaster's channel and start at 1PM ET / 10AM PT. Who knows, maybe we'll finally get release dates for the beta and the game proper soon.


Copyright laws are a complex beast. One person's fair use is a content owner's reason to shoot off a DMCA takedown notice. Gawker Media's sports site, Deadspin and Vox Media's SBNation both found that out today when their Twitter accounts were suspended after continuing to post GIFs of NFL-owned content. The @Deadspin account has since be reinstated while SB Nation's account (@SBnationGIF) is still unavailable. Gawker Media executive editor Lacey Donohue confirmed via Twitter that the notice concerning the suspension from the social media site was from the NFL. Earlier reports indicated that MLB was also involved, but that turned out to be untrue.

Destiny's new 'come at me' emote

I won't blame you if you're skeptical of Bungie's plan to add purchasable emotes to Destiny on October 13th. Would you really want to pay for a canned animation? If some early previews are any indication, though, the answer might well be "yes." Some of the expressions are a bit cliché, if fun (like the "come at me, bro" emote you see above). However, there are some proper gems in there, including nods to The Matrix and a certain Fresh Prince of Bel Air star. It's doubtful that the market for these Destiny emotes will be as big as that for, say, Team Fortress 2 hats -- you may buy something once to personalize your Guardian, and that's that. Even so, this idea doesn't seem quite as dubious as it did a week earlier.

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There's no question that modern teens are more comfortable with cellphones than earlier generations, but there's now evidence to suggest that some of them are a little too comfortable. A recent study shows that some teen texters exhibit the same compulsive behavior you see from gamblers, including the inability to cut back, sleep loss and lying to cover up habits. For the girls in the study, this frequently translated to poorer grades at school (though they still fared better overall than the boys). The quantity of texts didn't affect the teens so much as their inability to pull away from their devices. Sending just a few messages doesn't matter if your eyes remain glued to the screen, after all.

Detroit, Michigan - The 2013 Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid electric car on display at North American International Auto Show.

In order to combat slowing automotive sales in China, Ford has announced today that it's investing $1.8 billion (that's 11.4 billion yuan) to bring a new generation of smart cars into the country. The money will go toward developing technologies such as smartphone connectivity, self-driving vehicles and enhancing in-car mobile chat functions, which should prove especially useful in China's notoriously congested traffic. Ford has already been investing heavily in the car tech space stateside, so it's looking to transfer some of that knowhow to its Chinese market in order to stand out in the crowded automotive space.

Today - Season 62In 1977, California banned the use of powered skateboards on state streets; largely because the only reliable source of power back then was noisy two stroke gas engines. However with the development of larger-capacity and quieter lithium-based battery power, skateboards have become about as noisy and polluting as bicycles. That's why, last Sunday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 604, which once again makes riding powered skateboards in the bike lane legal.